Goofy video game stuff my kids have done #1

Nothing beats hearing your kids dissolving into that can’t help themselves giggle-laugh in another room.  So when the Husman and I were hanging out in the kitchen drinking coffee one Saturday morning and we heard the kids whisper-dissolving into that kind of laughter, we exchanged looks and waited.  The giggles and whispers got closer until appearing on the stairs, clad only in their boxer-briefs, were our sons holding an elongated tube of art paper that they had managed to stretch out between the two of them like a Chinese paper yoyo.  Then, as they giggle-shushed each other, the eldest descended a few steps and the youngest drew a deep breath, put this mouth to the narrow side of the now five stair-long tube and said, in a perfect mimic of the game character, “Attention fools!  Here comes Kaos!”

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