Get ready for more Skylanders invading your house

So Sylanders.  Raise your hand if after Trap Team you thought the ride was over.  I mean they handed game three off to someone else who nearly wrecked the series, took it back for game four, but then allowed the main villain to be trapped, and turned good!  I thought that with the poor sales from Trap Team, brought on by how poorly Swap Force was produced compared to the first two entries to the Skylander series, and with version 2.0 of Disney Infinity capitalizing on the Marvel wave, and with parents kind of throwing up their hands at how many dang characters were needed to be able to play everything in the game, while at same time having the bonus play for each character being minimized, well…frankly I thought they were giving up.  And a big part of me was relieved.  I have spent so much time chasing down Skylanders that it’s embarrassing.  Being a fan-girl, coupled with the knowledge from the first game that each character actually added worthwhile gameplay, made me into an expert at tracking those buggers down in store.  Because, believe me, there is no way I’m paying a scalper online three to five times the price of those little plastic toys.  I mean they are cool, well done, have fun individual gameplay styles, are something tangible the kids play with outside the digital experience, but even with all that they are not worth the price of a whole other game.

So yeah, I was exhausted, in a happy though confused sort of way, from buying Skylanders and I was ready to give it up.  I had successfully dodged the Disney Infinity bullet, but then along came Amiibos.  Major face palm. I knew we would be getting some of those.  I mean LoZ and Fire Emblem and Kid Icarus, oh we were in trouble.  So I was pretty grateful that Skylanders was probably over.  Sure we had rules in place to make it easier.  We would not collect every single Skylander.  The kids could only collect all the releases of their two favorite characters.  I would make sure they had access to all chapters and all element types.  If they wanted anything beyond that, they had to earn the cash for them.  And they played, and continue to play, the snot out of those games.  If they didn’t care then neither would I.  I also knew that if Toys for Bob/Activision was going to do another game, it would be announced around now and would go on sale in early October, so that round two of the figures could be out for Christmas.  But I wasn’t counting on seeing anything when the boys asked me to check a couple of nights ago.

Well guess what lovelies?  There’s a game five.  Say hi to Skylanders SuperChargers:

I showed the video to the boys and now they can’t stop speculating how Kaos gets out of the traptanium.  And sadly (or not) the game looks cool.  The vehicles look like fun; the toys actually have articulating parts.   If your kids have the game, you probably play it about as much as I do (I see the kids play it so much, I rarely want to pick it up myself.)  So what this really means for us M&Ds is how many toys do we need to collect.  I have not seen much about how many series 2, 3, 4, or 5 Skylanders there will be, but there will 20 Skylanders paired with 20 vehicles.  For those keeping count that means 2 sets for each element; yes they added two elements in Trap Team.  And since each vehicle pairs with a certain Skylander for the best effect that means likely you will be needing access to at least twenty new NFC toys to get access to the full game. Or maybe not, we’ll have to see how it goes when the game comes out at the end of September.  And I’m sure I will be seeing how it goes.  The kids have already decided SuperChargers is what they are asking Santa for for Christmas.

Want an easy way to view all the Skylanders, try out this link:

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