Craft Saturday – Super Mario Christmas Mushroom Perler

Today’s crafts are Super Mario Christmas Mushroom Perler! These are so cute and easily made into ornaments for your tree, magnets for your fridge, or just wall hangings. If you celebrate Hanukkah, you could make a blue present mushroom. Or modify the mushroom colors themselves to make your favorite Super Mario Mushroom power-up (surprisingly, I like the green 1-Up mushrooms).

The original creator of these mushroom perler is Alientonx. Unfortunately, their Etsy shop no longer exists and their Tumblr, Alientonx’s Perlers, seems to have gone silent after 2015.

Perlers of this size are not difficult and a great craft for even the youngest of video game fans. Parents will want to do the melting for younger kids, but older children can be taught how to use the iron with supervision. If you already have perler beads in your house, you shouldn’t need to purchase separate colors to make these Super Mario perlers. But if you’re starting from scratch, here are the items you will need:

I hope you enjoy making these Super Mario Christmas mushroom perler. If you’re looking for more holiday crafts, try this Reindeer from Tearaway. And join us again next week for another Holiday craft.

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Pre-Holiday Sacrifice of Old Games

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Craft Saturday – Lego Super Mario Question Block Ornament

If your kid is a Lego fan, this week’s craft is for them. Take a look at Chris McVeigh’s Lego Super Mario Question Block Ornament.

There is nothing quite as meaningful as a handmade ornament for your tree. Your kid could make this before Christmas, or you could put the bricks together in a kit for their stocking. If you don’t have a tree, this project can easily be modified to make a little storage box. You can find the complete step-by-step instructions and parts list here. The cost of bricks for this easy project is under $10. (Please note that a few of the brick’s Element ID numbers have changed on the Lego site.) And make sure to check out the rest of Chris McVeigh’s site for a whole slew of other Lego ornaments.

I hope you enjoy this Lego Super Mario question block ornament. If you’re looking for another Christmas/Winter craft project, take a look at this reindeer papercraft project from Tearaway. Happy Holiday crafting, everyone!

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Friday Funny – Stir Crazy Amiibos

From 9GAG – “Please open your Amiibos before they get stir crazy”

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2017 Video Game Ornament

If you’re wanting to add a little Geek flavor to your gamer’s Christmas tree this year, have a look at our favorites from the collection of 2017 video game ornaments available from ThinkGeek, GameStop, and Hallmark.


GameStop has a two pack of Destiny ornaments.


While these Fallout ornaments from ThinkGeek are worth it for the Nuka Cola alone, the Vault Boy bobblehead looks pretty good, too.


Hallmark came out with Resin Figures of some of Nintendo’s characters, and how awesome are these. Love the Toon Link.


Finally! Someone (ThinkGeek) made an official Pokeball ornament! It seems so obvious to make these that there have been numerous handmade ornaments and craft tutorials for pokeballs over the years. There just hasn’t been an official pokeball ornament before. This one looks perfect. It comes as a set of four so you could share with your friends, if you’re feeling generous.

Super Mario

Part of the Hallmark Keepsake line, this Mario ornament has already sold out in their online shop. It’s still available in stores and you can find it on Amazon.

The Luigi Keepsake ornament is also sold out online and Luigi can’t be found in Hallmark stores. If you want one, Amazon still has them.

Hallmark’s Yoshi Keepsake ornament is still available in their online shop.

The Legend of Zelda

This set of black and gold The Legend of Zelda ornaments is available from GameStop. I’ve seen a picture of them on a fellow gamer’s tree and they definitely make a statement

That’s it for Mom’s the Gamer’s pick of 2017 video game ornaments. If you’re looking for something a little more unique or customizable or you just want to support small businesses, try this list of our favorite video game ornaments from Etsy. May all your Christmas trees be Geeky!

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2017 Etsy Video Game Ornaments

As you may be aware, the gamer in your life is a Geek. Great news! Christmas is the perfect time to show them you get them and their fan love. Let’s start by bringing some gaming decorations to their Christmas Tree. Here are some of my favorite 2017 Etsy video game ornaments.


TheRadScientist has a felt Katamari Cousin in their store. In the past they had other characters as well. They do say they take requests so if you have particular character in mind, ask!



This absolutely adorable Metroid ornament from The13thBrushStroke has sold out for the fourth time. Be that as it may, it’s worth showing to you guys because it’s awesome. If you like Metroid, tag this and get one as soon as they come back in stock!



This wooden Overwatch ornament from TrollsHut would look great on a tree.



I love the rustic nature of this Pokeball from FableAndFairy.


If you’re going to make a ball ornament into a Pokémon, this Jigglypuff from lizzysdreams is the way you do it.


And then there is this adorkable little Mimikyu with the CharlieBrown tree from ChinookCrafts.



Super Mario

Love these Red and Green Shell ornaments from Holohandcrafted. Not only are they the perfect blend of Christmas and Super Mario, they also are the perfect size. Perler ornaments can quickly become unwieldy on your tree, but these shells stay small at around 3 inches.


For a 3 -Dimensional Super Mario ornament, there is this hand painted Question Block from LyneasLegendaryLoot.


The Legend of Zelda

GeekyGoodz has this amazing wooden laser-cut Triforce listed in their shop.


Not sure you can call yourself a Legend of Zelda fan if you don’t have a sparkly green Crest of Hyrule ornament on your tree.  Try this one by Kaitywhales.


How cool is this! This Spirit Orb from GeekeryArchives actually has the wings suspended inside the orb, just like in Breath of the Wild.


For those looking for a Legend of Zelda ornament from the newest game, here is a pretty button style Breath of the Wild ornament from WLHolidays.


Our last ornament for the Etsy list, is this beautiful glass engraved Hyrule Crest from MerryNerdChristmas.


Hope you enjoyed Mom’s the Gamer’s pick of 2017 Etsy video game ornaments! Definitely poke around the Etsy shops listed here to see if they have other ornaments you or your gamer might like. And these are not the only Etsy shops that are selling video game Christmas ornaments. To see others that were not included in this list, check out Mom’s the Gamer’s Christmas Pinterest board. Happy Holidays, Everyone!

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Sunday Sillies – Nintendo Weapons

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Craft Saturday – Tearaway Reindeer

Back in 2012, Media Molecule gifted us with a free paper craft of one Tearaway’s Elks dressed up as a reindeer. It’s a perfect project for this time of the year, for any holiday you are celebrating. You could even keep this Tearaway Reindeer up though January. You can find the pattern to make this reindeer here and read Media Molecule’s original Christmas blog post here.

I’ve been waiting most of the year to share this craft with you guys. This is a fairly simple craft and all it requires is paper, a printer, glue, and scissors. Optionally, you could use a paper scorer, cutting knife, and a cutting matt. The biggest cost is your kid’s patience! If they stick it out you could have a herd of reindeer for your mantel. Or wherever they choose to display their work.

I hope you enjoy this holiday/winter craft. If you’re looking for more paper craft projects, check out this post of a Chibiterasu craft which also includes a link for a great tutorial on papercrafting.

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Craft Saturday – King Boo Perler

If you’re looking for a fun and easy Halloween craft for your video game-loving kids, or for your video game-loving self, check out this King Boo. There are several variation of King Boo perler projects on Pinterest, but I particularly like this version. The black edging really stands out against King Boo’s white ghost body. Unfortunately, I was not able to track down the original creator.

This King Boo perler is not difficult, though as you can see, it will take more than one square pegboard to put him together. All of the colors could easily be found in a standard multi-color tray of perler beads. You could even use the mini beads to make a mini King Boo. Those of you who already have perler beads in the house will likely not have to spend anything to finish this project. Starting from scratch, though, will cost around $15.

Have fun making this King Boo perler. And for more Halloween fun, try this Mimikyu cross stitch. Happy Halloween crafting, everyone!


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Craft Saturday – Mimikyu Cross Stitch

With Halloween nearly upon us, you might be looking for some cute, spooky craft projects to keep your kids or yourself entertained. Try this adorable Mimikyu cross stitch from EvenstarCraftsCo. This Pokémon likes to dress themselves up (in an adorkably awful fashion) as Pikachu to make friends. It’s rumored that seeing it’s true form is deadly. Poor li’l guy.

Isn’t he cute! I was told that this is one of the pattern creator’s must-have Pokémon when she plays the game. That’s probably why this Mimikyu cross stitch is so well done. If you were to purchase everything needed to stitch this pattern, including hoop and needle, the project will cost you around $10. Coming in at 3×3 1/2 inches, this pattern is great for beginners and fans alike.

I hope you enjoy this spooky Mimikyu cross stitch as much as I do. If you enjoyed this one, try the Legend of Zelda Sheikah Eye cross stitch pattern featured here. Make sure you check out EvenstarCraftsCo on Etsy for more cross stitch patterns. You can find her on Twitter (@EvenstarCrafts) and Instagram (evenstarcrafts) as well.

Happy Halloween crafting!

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