Series of Quotes #3

Karl M. Kapp is the author of the book The Gamification of Learning and Instruction. This quote was taken from an interview he gave to The Learning Circle. 

Series of Quotes #2

A reminder to not make technology out to be the bad guy. As parents, we can guide our kids through social media and technology. We must give them the knowledge to make smart decisions, not withhold tech from them in an effort to stem the inevitable issues that come up with social media. I don’t let my kids have access to Facebook at their age, but I certainly tell them about how people abuse social media to hurt others and how it can be addicting. I will always arm my kids with knowledge, logic, and kindness. You’re raising good kids, people. Don’t neglect or shy away from this part of their education, too.

Series of Quotes #1

When I read about parents who are hesitant to let their kids play video games…well there are a LOT of things run through my mind, but usually the starting point is why wouldn’t you give them a new way to activate and expand their minds.  Shortly after that we come to this idea:

Let them read about brave heros, let them imagine play as brave knights, let them live out their stories.  That’s a great reason for kids to play video games.