Craft Day – Companion Cube Perler Box

Perler beads are such a great medium for video game craft projects. Anything made out of visible pixels can easily be translated into them. Some people, however, really have a knack for translating pictures into Perler beads, like the creator of today’s craft, jnjfranklin at Deviant Art. Here is his version of a Companion Cube turned into a coin box. 

Portal Companion Cube

This is the kind of piggy bank I want my kids to have, something they made and something they love. You could also easily turn the top panel into a box top for storage or even leave it off to make a pen/pencil holder.

While not a difficult project, all Perler beads require ironing to fuse the beads together, so if your kid is making this expect to help with that part. For the amount of beads used in this project you would need to purchase bags of the different colors, which you can find at or in stores like Michael’s, though you probably won’t find the clear or pink pieces in bags at brick and mortar stores. The project will cost you under $20 if you have to purchase everything, including the peg boards.

Be sure to take a look at jnjfranklin’s gallery on Deviant Art to see more of his amazing artwork, and come back next Saturday for another craft project.

Aloy vs Sawtooth

Horizon Zero Dawn is such a beautiful game. This week’s Wednesday Art is a picture straight from Guerrilla Games of Aloy taking on a Sawtooth, which is possibly my favorite machine in the game. 

Check back in on Wednesdays for more video game art, including Horizon Zero Dawn concept art and some of my own pictures from the game’s awesome photo mode.

Amiibo Hunter, Again

My collection of Legend of Zelda Amiibos is embarrassingly complete. So far. Nintendo, however, is about to make that a thing of the past. Unless I decide to become an Amiibo Hunter again. And I really, really don’t want to…but…Zelda. (Can you hear that whimper?)

Amiibos. They are such frustratingly cool little buggers. Which, let’s be honest here, don’t always have much more value than they look cool. But I love my Legend of Zelda Amiibos. They are hands down the most useful Amiibos out there, giving us the spinner weapon in Hyrule Warriors, which ended up being my favorite weapon, items and a new dungeon in Twilight Princess, and outfits, weaponry, Wolf Link, and Epona in Breath of the Wild. One of my friends got her first Amiibo from the Zelda collection. She’s gone on to collect a few more just because of their usefulness in BotW. 

Amiibos are one of the NFC (Near Field Communication) type of toys that I caution parents on. They can easily become a black hole for your money. Or your child’s allowance. I don’t recommend buying them unless you can prove they add value to a game, or they are from your favorite series and you plan to display them. Otherwise don’t waste your funds on these really well made figurines. 

So what’s an Amiibo Hunter? Well at first, Amiibos at first flew under everyone’s radar. It wasn’t long, though, before I found myself lining up for them along with people who clearly never played video games. I couldn’t quite understand the madhouse that the market had turned into, but I was determined to try and aquire the ones my kids wanted to play with and the Zelda ones for me. So I, like many others, turned into an Amiibo Hunter. We would follow the Amiibo Reddit. We would check several stores on release day. We would wait in line and chat with each other about what we hadn’t been able to find. The day I stopped hunting was the day I bought Ganondorf online. That was a step too far for me.

After a while, the buzz died down. Nintendo started re-releasing Amiibos. The online scalpers found them less profitable. Soon, I could just go to the closest store and get what we wanted. The release of the Breath of the Wild Amiibos, however, has reinvigorated the market. At least for the LoZ Amiibos. They really are useful. And beautiful. There are three new Zelda Amiibos coming out this June. The limited preorders sold out immediately. But, the kids will be out of school on release day this time, so we’ll make a morning of it by queuing up at our closest store. It’ll be one more memory the kids and I will get to share.

The husband, however, has his own ideas about how to acquire the new Amiibos.


Sunday Sillies: Lego Headplant

This is definitely my favorite things in Lego: Batman 2. Walked in from the kitchen one day while the kids were playing it to see Superman with his head embedded in the road. I laughed so hard. Turns out any of the flying characters will do this if you fly them into the ground, but making Superman get his head stuck is still the funniest.

Don’t worry, he’ll get his head out in a second.

Craft Day – Sheikah Eye Cross Stitch

If you’re looking for a good weekend project, and are currently obsessed with Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, check out this cross stitch pattern of the Sheikah Eye. I found it on Etsy in the EvenstarCraftsCo shop. 

Legend of Zelda Sheikah Eye Cross Stitch Pattern by Evenstar Craft Co

Sized at 3.5″ x 3.5″, this would be a fun quick project for a long time cross stitcher, or a really good starter piece for a beginner. I love how the color pops off the black fabric. It’s not often you find a pattern based off of a black background, and while that adds a small bit of difficulty, that is easily offset by the low floss count. If you look closely there’s even some backstitching for polish. 

Costwise, if you had to buy everything you need for this project including hoop and needles, you would probably spend around $20 (US). 

Visit EvenstarCraftsCo on Etsy to see more patterns, including some great Monster Hunter icons, and come back next Saturday to see another project. Happy stitching!


Yesterday when my friend, Amy, was taking pictures for my blog post, she snapped this one. We both thought it was really good, so I’m sharing it with you. Enjoy! And check out the Media page for more information on Amy.

Photograph by Amy W. Lewis

We Need Four

It’s an odd thing, to climb in bed and start drifting off to sleep only to have your mind suddenly light upon a thought that makes you start giggling. That’s exactly what happened to me Monday night.

my controller next to the dad’s – Photo taken by Amy W. Lewis

Let’s back up a little. Earlier in the day, the husband decided he wanted to play a video game. If you’ve been following along, you know this is a rare and cherished moment for the family. The man is not the gamer in the house. (I’ve even cheekily given him his own hashtag #DadsNotTheGamer) When we get the chance to play with him, we jump on it. He had decided that what we really needed was a four player, dungeon crawling, couch co-op. I was a bit worried because couch co-ops have become harder to find, with those that allow four player being even more elusive. But the man had done his research and had found two of them for us to play. We were all excited as he started the download for the first game. 

It was around 8:15 at night that the download was nearly complete. The youngest, eager to play with his dad, and eager to have a new sword- wielding warrior to play, was on pins and needles. I had to inform him that the download would finish too late that night to play. It was a school night after all. And indeed the download finished just as bedtime rolled around. I sent disappointed kids up to get ready for bed. I was a bit sad, too, but looking forward to playing with everyone the next day. Getting to play with ALL the family makes my mom gamer heart very happy. 

boyo 1 controller & boyo 2 controller – Photo taken by Amy W. Lewis

After I had settled down to sleep and started to drift off, the giggling commenced. It woke up the husband. In the dark of the bedroom I said these words, “We only have two controllers.”