What Are You Doing, Link!?!

In an awkward turn of events, there is a shrine in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild that can only be activated while Link has no clothes on. I had to wait around for things to happen, so I was treated to all kinds of squeamishness while Link sat on my screen in his undies. It was hillarious. I caught probably my favorite pictures of the game so far. 

Yup. There’s Link, the Hero of Hyrule in all his adorkable glory, flexing. 

P.S. I have a very understanding husband

Dad’s Not the Gamer #1

So this happened this morning. A few things. 1: I’m a faster texter than my husband. 2: The youngest is the best fighter in the house. 3: Dad’s not the gamer.  


I was busy playing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild last week, just minding my own business exploring Hyrule while the husband sat with me on the couch scrolling through Imgur, when he suddenly called out, “What is that?!?” in a very not amused, slightly horrified voice.  

“That’s a Korok.” I had just discovered one of the little tree spirits hiding who knows where, as they are all over the place in Hyrule, often under rocks. “Aren’t they cute. They’re from Windwaker.” 

“No they’re not. They are disgusting little buggers and they need to be killed.” 


OK, so first you need to know that he is joking, but he’s not joking.  Now that he has decided that he doesn’t like the little buggers, they and their imminent extermination have become a household “thing”.

Later in the same night, I found another Korok and gleefully showed it to the husband.

“Kill it.”

“I can’t!  It’s a friendly!”

The next morning, I told the kids about their dad’s non-love of the Korok’s, which they found amusing, but needed to see for themselves.

A couple of days later, I came across the Forest Dweller weapons. They are now known as the weapons the Korok’s will use to shiv us with. 

Two days ago, I climbed a mountain, picked up a rock, and out popped a Korok. I was alone at the time so I didn’t have to hear anyone tell me to try and hurt the little guy. I dropped the rock and planned to go on my merry way, except…the rock landed on the Korok’s head. It said, “Ouch”. I couldn’t resist, I told the husband. He told me to drop the rock on its head again.

This morning I sent him this picture. This is Hetsu, who is easily five or six times the size of the little Koroks.

I was not disappointed.

Who Does That, Addendum

A while back I wrote about being given the option to name my characters in Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess something other than Link or Epona. You can read my brief thoughts here. Seems that the Devs of Breath of the Wild felt the same way I did about renaming these iconic characters. You have no option to change Link’s name at all (yay!) and this is what happens if you managed to acquire Epona in the game (not saying how – spoilers, sweetie).

Things Gamers Do #1

This is just so brilliant I had to share.  And I promise it is not a spoiler.  One of the puzzles you come across in Breath of the Wild requires you to use your WiiU pad or Switch controller to tilt a platform and roll a ball.  Or as one of my kids put it, “Oh! It’s a labyrinth.”  

It actually quite frustrating.  For some reason the gyro on my pad didn’t translate well and so I just started flipping the pad around all over the place to vent a bit.  And then, well, see below.  Of note, I actually had to do it the correct way, but the kids and I laughed a lot over me trying to do it the “wrong” way for a bit. I’m so glad someone made a post on Reddit about it. Seems I wasn’t the only one who did this.

Lego Has the Best Customer Relations

Seriously they do.  When I tweeted out this picture, I knew it was a matter of when not if they would reply.  It made the kid’s days, too.  They got all excited that Lego Dimensions actually responded to them.  

I Like to Make Friends with My Local GameStop Employees – Level: Swag

When I picked up LoZ Breath of the Wild on Friday, no one offered me posters.  But they did yesterday when I bought my last Amiibo.  (See either my Twitter or Instagram for the first four.)  The employees were the ones who asked me if I had gotten posters when I got my game.  When I said no, they pulled out two to give me so I can have the front and back picture on my walls.  To such awesome employees, Thank You!

The Gamer’s a Mom

This is what it’s like to be a Gamer…and a Mom.

This is missing the 2-day window to preorder a console because your kids needed new shoes.

This is your amazing husband fully paying for a preorder of the new game of your favorite series the day it was announced.

This is your same amazing husband changing the preorder to the new console, even though you don’t have a preorder for the system itself.  

This is knowing that you have family to feed dinner and tuck in bed, so you won’t be lining up on launch day to try and get a console at midnight.  

This is having to choose sleep over staying awake for a midnight launch.

This is reading news stories about the lines at stores while you drink your morning coffee. 

This is sending your kids off to school before you can go and see if there are any consoles left.

This is making contingency plans. 

This is walking into a deserted Walmart, because it’s open, ten minutes after your last kid is on the bus.

This is empty shelves, sold out online listings, and fruitless phone calls.

This is not driving 100 miles to where there might still be one available because you have to pick your youngest up from school.

This is convincing yourself that it’s for the best, that consoles sold on launch day always have issues.

This is taking comfort in the reports of the left Joycon not staying synced.

This is telling yourself you could always put that money in savings, like you won’t use it for your kids birthdays.  

This is having to tell your kid no when they ask first thing if you got a Switch, but let’s be honest it wasn’t for them anyways.

And this is being sad enough that even though you bought a copy of the game that you can play, you can’t bring yourself to open it up.

I Like To Befriend My Local GameStop Employees

So I posted this on my local FB page, but it really belongs here.  It’s the story of what happened on Wednesday when we went to buy Horizon Zero Dawn:

At GameStop and one of the employees wasn’t feeling well. When I asked him how he felt, he admitted he had a fever. His customer got all nervous and quickly left. Queue the jokes about how they were going to take their game and sanitize it now. A few minutes later, I have my new game and were ready to go when he says to his coworker that his computer is all messed up. She says what happened to it. I piped up with, “He breathed on it and now it has a virus.” People, I put her on the floor she was laughing so hard. She gasped out that we had to make sure we came back as we told the guy we hoped he felt better soon and headed out.