So the eldest is playing Skyward Sword and he’s in a floating puzzle in the volcano area.  After floating down through the puzzle several times to get all the items on the various platforms, he finally makes it to the chest.  The littlest and I look up from our respective projects as we hear the fanfare music of an important chest being opened up.  We hold our breath as Link’s excited face lights up the screen…and then let out a collective groan.  That was definitely not a heart piece.

Death by Chicken

You should be aware that in Link’s world you get instant Karma for harming chickens.  Yes, they are useful for extending your jumps into floating to go farther distances, but if you get punchy (and we all know this because we got punchy) and decide it’s funny to whack the chickens, you learn the hard way that chickens are fierce.  And they won’t take your shit.  You need to know this to fully appreciate that this chicken scene is the quintessential chicken Karma.  The one we all think of when we think about whacking chickens, and why you should not or be prepared for the consequences. Also, it helps to know what the Portal Gun is and that Dorkly has a bunch of different videos where the gun has been used in games other than Portal. 

Link with Portal Gun.  You’re welcome.  


There’s no dungeon like a Zelda dungeon

Ok so we all know my love of Legend of Zelda.  It’s the perfect mix of clever brainy puzzle, swordplay, and seek and find.  But you’ve gotta give it to their dungeons.  No other dungeons can you replay and be stunned and excited everytime you do it. There’s no “ugh, I have to do this shit again.”  It’s all just “oooo I remember this one!  We have to run around and pull the levers and spin the stairs and make the water run down the stairs!   Eeeee!  Ha ha ha I can’t even remember where to start!”  Which was literally my thought process two minutes ago when I entered this one.