Pigachu Cake

From Imgur comes Pigachu Cake!

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Friday Funny – Overwatch Cosplay

Remember kids, the healer holds your life in their hands.

Check this great cosplay from @Lyz_B on twitter. Here’s the direct link to her tweet

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The Legend of Zelda Halloween Costumes 2017

Here’s the first round of costumes for your kids who want to dress up as a video game character for Halloween this year. We’re going to start with Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda, because this is the first year I have seen licensed LoZ costumes and I believe they will sell out quickly.

Most of the following links are from Amazon. You can double check Target, HalloweenCostumes.com, and Party City to see which price is the best.


Link Classic Costume  – This costume is your basic Link and comes with the green tunic, chest belt, belt, and the green hat. Add a pair of tan pants, some boots, and maybe the Hylian ears and your kid is good to go.

Link Deluxe Costume  – Resembling a bit more like Link from Skyward Sword, this costume comes with the green tunic, chest belt, belt, boot covers, and hat.

Link Prestige Costume – My favorite of the Link costumes, though the most expensive, this Twilight Princess looking set comes with the green tunic, pants, chest belt, belt, green hat, wrist guards, and boot covers.

Breath of the Wild Link – From the current game comes the BotW Link costume of the blue tunic with attached pants, chest belt, belt, ears, and boot covers.

Princess Zelda – Stepping our of what appears to be Twilight Princess, this Zelda costume comes with the dress and attached shoulders, tiara, and the waist medallion/apron. Of note: TP Zelda has brown hair, so whether your child is blonde as most Zelda’s are or brunette, it won’t matter. That tiara will claim their status as Princess of Hylia.


Accessories always complete the look of a costume, but purchasing them depends on how big your Halloween budget is, and whether or not your child will use the items for dress-up imaginative play throughout the year. Mine absolutely loved having the swords and shields to use after Halloween.

Master Sword & Hylian Shield – Link’s legendary sword and shield combo.

Breath of the Wild Red Bow & Quiver & Arrows – This is a great looking set especially if your little one is more into archery than swordplay.

Breath of the Wild Blue Bow & Arrows – You could use this set as the weapons for Zelda who always brings the essential Light Arrows that defeat each game’s main enemy.

Hylian Ears – Both Link and Zelda are Hylians (which is a class of humans, not elves) and have pointed ears. The only set that comes with ears is the BotW Link costume. You will need to purchase ears for the rest if you want the pointed ear look.

Link’s Breath of the Wild Cloak – Here’s a cool item that could help complete the BotW Link costume. This is an adult’s cloak, but it does come in XXS which may work for some children.

White Gloves – For Zelda.

Link’s Wig – This wig is not BotW style, but more classic Link.

Zelda’s Wig – Simple blonde or brunette wig which you could style as you choose.

Triforce – There are currently no accurate temporary tattoos available for the Triforce symbols that often show up on the back of Link’s or Zelda’s hands. If you want to add this detail, pick up some face painting materials and draw it on your child’s hand. Link’s Triforce of Courage symbol is on his sword hand (usually left) with the lower right triangle glowing yellow. Zelda’s Triforce of Wisdom is on her right hand with the lower left triangle glowing yellow. Skip this detail if your child is dressing up as a character from Breath of the Wild or is wearing gloves.


For those of you who are looking for a baby costume try this adorable, if pricey, Link one. It comes with the green hat and a plush sword along with the jumpsuit that has snaps for easy diaper access.

One last note, there are no Zelda costumes available from Breath of the Wild, unless you go the custom made cosplay route like this one from Oasis Costume. Cosplay will always cost upwards of $100, though at this time of the year sometimes you’ll find sales.

That’s it for this grouping. I hope this helps you out. We’d love to see pictures of your little Links and Zeldas ready for Trick-or-Treating. Drop them in the comments if you want to share!


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Me & Also Me – Pumpkin Muffins

Welcome to Mom Humor Monday, where sometimes on Mondays we’ll explore the fun of parenting. This was literally me last week.

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Sunday Sillies – Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Trophy

The trophies in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle are pretty silly. Here’s my favorite so far. Lookit his head.

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Quick Fixes – Stuck Joy-Con Wrist Strap

We just had this happen at our house and guys there is a super quick fix. One of the kids put the wrist strap for the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con on wrong and for the life of all of us, we couldn’t get it off. A quick Google and boom solution found. I didn’t even make it through the whole video before it was fixed. Here’s the video you need if this happens to you.

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The Game is a Smartass #2 – Ghost 1.0

Being a Word Nerd, I love it when Devs put snarky word play into their games. Here’s the naming chain from Ghost 1.0 (which is available on Steam). Note the Achievement received at the bottom.

This is not my picture. I was unable to track down the Original Poster.



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Craft Saturday – Luma Star Perler

This week’s adorable little craft comes to us from Kandi Patterns. It’s the Luma Star from Super Mario Galaxy. You can find the pattern and instructions here.

This perler project is a nice, easy one. So easy you could make them in all the various colors found in the game. Put some magnet tape on the back and you can have a little horde of Lumas on your fridge.

Here’s another picture for scale

In all, if you had to buy all the items to make this project, you would spend $15-20, but it’s also a great way to use that tray of perler beads you already have in the house. Hope you love this one as much as I do. Happy crafting!

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Diablo III – Whimsydale

I was dungeon crawling with my seasonal hero in Diablo III this week, dispatching demons in the Halls of Agony, when this happened.

One moment I was chasing down a Treasure Goblin, and the next I’m inside a rainbow-colored portal with puffy smiling clouds.

Loot! There’s pots of gold and presents and Cuddle Bears and Pink and Purple Rainbow Unicorns.

OMG! They are attacking me!

This is so not right. At this point I’m dying with laughter.

Piñatas, presents, Happy Clouds, pots of gold – there was so much loots I had to port back to town several times just to empty my inventory so I could pick it all up. And the Jewels! So. Many. Jewels.

I scraped the whole map. I may never end up here again, so I took full advantage. I’m still not sure how I got to Whimsydale, but that was the funniest thing I’ve seen in Diablo III yet.

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Texts From My Kids – Fire Emblem Warriors SE

Two Days ago, Twitter let me in on something fantastic: The Fire Emblem Warriors Special Edition. Let me tell you why that made my day.

Boyo number 2 loves the Fire Emblem series with about the same amount of passion that I love The Legend of Zelda series. He loves the strategy of the game. He loves the characters (blue haired characters with swords? yes please). He loves the art used in the battles. And the weapons. B2 is the kind of kid who has books on weapon types and old armaments, does his 2nd grade Biography report on Alexander the Great, and has a blast at museums attending lectures given by people who recreate weapons and armor. He’s even tried his hand at making chainmail. Pretty much any game that lets him play around with battle strategy and weapons is going to be high on B2’s list.

Along with FE, Boyo the Second likes Dynasty Warriors, which is pretty much a digital Risk-like version of the Chinese Dynasty wars, with hack and slash and fantasy elements added. (Parents take note: I am BIG on not having the kids play games that allow human killing. The Dynasty Warriors series, however, is so good and revolves more around battle strategy and the taking of keeps and key points in a mission, and has no gore involved with defeating human enemies, that this games gets a pass from me.)

The fun part about the creators of Dynasty Warriors is that they lend their format to other game series. Hyrule Warriors is one example. A really good example. Getting to play on a battle field as Link or Zelda or Impa or any of the other numerous characters from the Legend of Zelda series is a blast. And guess who my go-to Second in the game is. Yup. Boyo the Second. And he’s an excellent Second indeed.

All of that together is why when they announced Fire Emblem Warriors, he was ecstatic. It was THE thing he wanted for his birthday. A preorder of FE Warriors. Of course we got that for him. He says I get to be his Second. But the waiting is hard. Little dude is born in Winter and up until two days ago, we had been seeing that FE Warriors was coming out on December 31. Then I came across this tweet from Nintendo (pictured below) about the Special Edition version.

Yesterday, when I picked him up from school, I handed him the new receipt for the SE preorder. He hung it on the fridge.

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